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Jerry Bruckner
Jerry Bruckner
Hi, I have compiled several hundred of my personal development quotes and success tips which I hope will light your daily success fuse!
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Hi, my name is Jerry Bruckner. I created the Get Success Quotes website as a place to outline the success lessons that I have learned and put into practice in my personal and business life.

These success principles will always work if you take the time to deeply understand them, and to honestly and continuously apply them in your own life. I have utilized these success principles in my personal and family relationships, in sports, and in the business world, both as an employee and as an owner of businesses.

My hope, is that by creating this website, that I can share these proven success tips with people around the world, so that people can improve their lives.

If you are not currently traveling on the road to success in your personal or business life, trust me, when I tell you, that you can improve your life and become successful.

As you read each success lesson, think about how it applies to your own life. Then think about and draw up a plan of what you need to change in your own life to apply the success lesson. Then start taking action to do it.

I know that you can improve your life... you only have to really want to... and then try... learn from your efforts... and keep trying!!!

I wish you the greatest success and happiness in your personal and business life!


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